Building web apps, focused on Frontend, Designing.I love building websites to the finest, and some of my hobbies include vibin' to songs and thinking, literally.

Work / Uses

Focused on Frontend, I've worked on multiple web apps revolving around web2 and most recently, web3. As a designer, I've designed most of those web apps.I use Next.js as my go-to framework for building web apps, along with Typescript. I mostly revolve around Chakra UI and Tailwind CSS for styling.Currently I'm working at Metapass as a Frontend Engineer and building side projects in the meantime.


  • • Vault3: A safe vault built for all your private data, on chain!
  • • Metapass: On-Chain Ticketing solution revolving around Polygon and Solana
  • • Snipli: A Command Line Interface to quickly generate github gists from your local files.
  • • thirdsnips: A VS Code plugin composed of all the snippets from the thirdweeb portal.
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