Building web apps, focused on Frontend. Designing my way to be a Product Designer. Student-y.I love building websites to the finest, and some of my hobbies include vibin' to songs and thinking, literally.


Focused on Frontend, I've worked on multiple web apps revolving around web2 and most recently, web3. As a designer, I've designed most of those web apps.Currently I'm working at Metapass as a Frontend Engineer and building side projects in the meantime.


  • • Vault3: A safe vault built for all your private data, on chain!
  • • Metapass: On-Chain Ticketing solution revolving around Polygon and Solana
  • • Snipli: A Command Line Interface to quickly generate github gists from your local files.
  • • thirdsnips: A VS Code plugin composed of all the snippets from the thirdweeb portal.

Skills and Uses

As a Frontend Developer, I mostly use Next.js as my framework of choice. For styles, I revolve around Chakra UI and Tailwind CSS. I prefer to use Typescript for type safety over javascript.I'm also familiar with developing smart contracts on ETH n Polygon chains using Solidity.As a developer, I use VS Code as my code editor along with some pretty themes.
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